It is Story celebration time in India December 2018. The country will be hosting two International Storytelling festivals back to back in the cities of Bhuvaneshwar and Hyderabad respectively. I, Deepa Kiran, a storyteller and curator for both the festivals, am delighted to share more about them and invite members of The Spanish Professional Storytelling Association to join us and enjoy the celebrations.


Festival´s name: Festival at the Edge

Place: Shropshire, England

Trajectory (including its origin and evolution): Storytelling & Music festival, offering performances, workshops, on-site camping, plus a variety of caterers and traders over the third weekend in July. The oldest storytelling festival in England.

Target Audience: Families and adults with an interest in story and its application.

Coordination and Direction- A team of eight volunteers from the Organising Team

Web page:

Social media:

Duration: Festival starts Friday 19.00 ends Sunday 17.00. Next year is 28th year.

Spaces: around 1400 visitors.

Nationalities involved: Artists from all over Britain and usually at least 2/3 from Europe and further afield every year.

Sponsors: Very little. Maybe 5 percent of festival cost.
We are a not for profit organisation. The cost for the majority of the festival is covered by ticket sales, plus commission from traders etc.

This text belongs to the 67st Bulletin: A trip of stories

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