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Already a few decades ago M. Nisbert described that the fundamental characteristic of cultural cooperation is based both on the agreement standards organisation as on objectives. It is true that it also refers to spontaneous, traditional and automatic cooperation in a multitude of cultural events, but the outlines of the cooperation subject is design, management and articulation from public or private foundations that are based on the coordination of activities among institutions, companies or Governments to develop joint marketing plans.

More and more issues of cooperation are in common use and possess a wider dissemination in the mass media and society in general.

The cooperative work between libraries, administrations, institutions... leads to a better and more effective communication, teamwork, reducing costs and, ultimately, the optimisation of resources, as well as the union's efforts to achieve a common goal.

Professionals who work in the cultural field (entertainers, cultural managers, librarians, etc.), often work together with other colleagues that geographically are not close and that perform the same tasks.

The project we are presenting is a project of cooperation and collaboration betwen different local administrations, institutions, organisations, and especially between different libraries. We wanted to launch a project that creates synergy between all the groups that form part of this project: organisers, sponsors and those who tell and those who listen.

These last two groups are the hub of this project, hence the name of the project: CONTesCOLTES.

Mostra Professional Contacontes Contescoltes is a showcase where they all give and receive.

Most of the libraries are located in towns with less than 5,000 inhabitants. This means that, in the majority of cases, the professional in charge of the library, which is usually also the cultural technician, it works in your local administration only.

But we are a group that share resources and that take any opportunity (course or meeting) to discuss aspects related to our work, and thus improve and innovate in our centres, adapting those activities or aspects that other professionals have worked in its libraries.

Based on this idea, we thought to organise an exhibition of storytelling, addressed to all professionals who have any connection with the world of the reader development and animation on reading, and that was a reference point both for this group and for professionals of the storytelling.

Mostra Professional Contacontes Contescoltes is addressed mainly to two large groups of professionals:

  • The tellers: those who tell will be able to have a space where they can show their work, work always related to animation writing.
  • The listeners: librarians, socio-cultural entertainers, managers, cultural, educational and all those mediators who have professional links with the world of literature, reading animation and promotion of reading.

Both a collective and the other are not a closed group, they produced a feedback, an exchange of ideas and experiences, which helps us to offer users a service more akin to our demands and of higher quality.

We can all benefit mutually from the Mostra.

The objectives for this project are as follows:

  • To display the work of professionals who work in the promotion of reading.
  • To report and show this work to the entertainers or cultural managers and librarians, and other mediators that have professional links with the world of reading animation.
  • To teach to the future professionals which are the best narrators/as and the latest trends in storytelling.
  • To support the work carried out by these future professionals and to share the Mostra being able to take part not only as spectators, but as storytellers.
  • To promote cooperation and communication.
  • To optimise resources.
  • To promote a professional meeting where the cooperation and the exchange of experiences gives as a result a better service for the users.

This year, on October the 25th 2013, will take place the 6th Edition. This project, without forgetting the purpose for which it was created, has evolved over each of the editions. All those who have made this Mostra possible (storytelling, librarians, cultural managers, students from these areas, sponsors and the Organisation) have influenced these changes, and have been participants of their growth and maturation of this project, which is now part of them and for all of them.