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Cristina narrates in Italian and Castilian Spanish.


I have lived in three Italian and three Spanish cities. I have skipped about, I have read a lot. 

I tell stories from the perplexity of the traveller, not as someone who has found their place. 

I believe that culture is a basic necessity.

I believe we need stories in order to imagine ourselves.

There is something fierce about my attempt to live by telling stories. It is an act of resistance.

I tell traditional material: stories, riddles, tongue-twisters, songs... 

and literary works adapted for oral narration; also poetry. 

I believe literature is a living thing; something I can play with. 

Professional narrator since 1998. 

A Graduate of Hispanic Philology. Literature scholarship in Italy. Theatre and voice techniques. I tell stories in Italian and Spanish. 

Oral narration sessions for a young or adult audience, for infants, and also for babies.

On the bill at narration festivals in Italy, Spain, Argentina, Belgium...

...and in many, many libraries, above all in Aragón. 

In 2011 I won a theatre prize in Arnedo "Open Terrace" (“Terraza abierta”) with the session: "Stories that make you dance" (“Historias que te bailan”). 

I work with the PAI (a theatre and entertainment group from Zaragoza) on various story and theatre shows. 

"Reading encouragement" workshops.  

Events related to the word: "The body, a place of echoes" (“El cuerpo, lugar de ecos.”). Guadalajara, 2013. "Two verses under" ("Dos versos bajo tierra."). 2015.

Publication: The dance of the tarantula. (El baile de la tarántula). Illustration: Rebeca Luciani. Pub. La Fragatina.