Tania Muñoz Marzá



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(0034) 615319458

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Spanish, Catalan and English

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Castellón de la Plana

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I am a story-teller by vocation, in other words, without wanting or being able to avoid it.

In my childhood I had a certain tendency towards verbal incontinence and to mislead, and I dedicated a lot of time to cultivating the art of inventing languages, daydreaming, and the discovery (and subsequent concealment) of lost treasure. With this serious track record, I had no choice but to dedicate myself to the art of telling stories. At least I now had an excuse to read, speak and travel all the time. I am sorry, but that is what making a living telling stories implies.

I tell stories for all types of audience in (almost) all places. The strangest person I told stories to was wearing a hat in which a flower was growing, and the strangest place was in the supermarket, in order to enliven the long queue at the check-out. However, I usually tell stories in schools, high schools, libraries and spaces with a stage, and the public that come to the sessions do not grow flowers on their heads (well, not usually).

At present I combine my work as a storyteller with that of researcher into ancestral monsters and beasts; mattress pirate; tea drinker; tuneless singer; late watchmaker or nocturnal flier. I also give history classes at the Universitat Jaume I in Castellón, and as I am incorrigible, I tell my students stories all the time.

I often spend days going from one place to another. I love going to new places, getting to know and recognise faces, and visiting the local castle. When I have been driving for a while and listening to the radio, and I see that the sun is rising or setting, I cannot help but think how lucky I am.






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