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Before you say anything let me clear something up, Sherezade is not a stage name. It is my real name. It was my brother's idea, but that is another story.

I have always liked to move about. In my mother's womb, in the chair in the clinic, playing hide and seek, sleeping and, above all, at university, while I was studying Music Teaching. One day I moved so much that I arrived in Santiago de Compostela. After three days living there I was doing an oral narration course, listening to stories in taverns, and working in a theatre company. As I cannot keep still I decided to study Dramatic Arts, eleven years ago, and in the last nine I have worked in the TNC, I have experimented with Cuban theatre, and I have trained as a story-teller. Time flies! I now move like a fish in water between traditional and literary tales, shadow puppets, objects I can transform and, of course, the stories I hear on the train. I still move a lot, telling stories in theatres, schools, high schools, festivals, libraries, and in my brother's house before my nieces go to sleep. Although despite so much movement, I always find the place to be the teller of my own story.




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