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I am a storyteller and an actress. That said, I am going to go back in time, so that you understand where I have come from and from where I share the stories.

As they say in my village (Cobos, in Segovia), I have an "appreciation" of the oral tradition most probably as a result of the three great narrators in my family; my aunt Antonia, and my grandfather Luciano, and my father. And to this must be added my love affair with the stage, which began with those "variety shows" that I prepared with my friends every summer from when I was nine to when I was fifteen. That's what boredom does for you! I associate the happiest moments from my childhood with those times.  

However, it was at the beginning of this century, on arriving in Madrid from deepest Castile, when my definitive love for storytelling bloomed. At the time I was working as the editor of a magazine and studying acting and clowning with no more ambition than to have a good time. Suddenly, one day, in a venue in Malasaña, I discovered live storytelling for adults. I recall that I was submerged in each story, and later thought, "How I would like to be up there and do what these people are doing!”. And thus, when the opportunities arose to train with storytellers, I did not let the chances pass me by. Nor those which allowed me to tell stories as a fan.

In 2008 I began to "make a living through storytelling", only partially, until one day, in around 2012, I said to myself, “Here we are!" I gave up my "indefinite" contract in an office and threw myself wholly into what really made me whole, if you will forgive the repetition.

I continued to learn and train, and that was how I came across the Theatre School of Mar Navarro and Andrés Hernández, where I studied for two intense, enriching years which provided me with fresh resources and a more stage-focussed and poetic vision of the oral tradition.

Since I began, I have told stories mainly in libraries and for an audience of children and families, although I have a repertoire for and experience of audiences of all ages, whether babies, teens or adults. For years I have taken part in the encouraging reading campaigns by the Segovia Provincial Council and the Community of Madrid. And in addition I tell stories and perform in schools, theatres, cultural centres, festivals, old people's homes, bars, events, etc. The stories in my shows “Ovejas Negras”("Black sheep") (family) or “Medias verdades y mentiras enteras” ("Half truths and full lies")(adults), among others, have accompanied me throughout Spain... and Peru, Venezuela and Colombia. 

Sometimes I use objects, shadow theatre or ukulele music in the sessions, if I believe these will add something to the story, but for me live storytelling is, first and foremost, direct accurate communication, the creation of a bond with the public through the emotions. And when that connection is made, there is nothing in the world that makes me feel better. 

On the other hand, I believe that whenever narration involves a stage vocation, the storytellers must possess an awareness of space, body, voice and the condition of the public. In the end, the storyteller must know how to be present and how to transmit from the stage.







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