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He has been telling stories since he had fingers to count them on. In Salamanca in around 1997 he realized that it was possible to make a living from stories, and he launched himself into it, mixing his scientific career with that of the minstrel, what his head suggested and what his body was asking for.   In 2006 he took the stabilizers off his bicycle and since then he has been on his journey, discovering, astonishing himself, and enjoying the small but infinite universe which is the realm of the professional storyteller. 

Drawn by curiosity and an ineradicable scientific streak, Héctor has developed his own ongoing narration workshop in Madrid, where pupils and teacher set out together on an adventure of discovery through the workings of the story and the mysteries of oral narration.

As a stage narrator his most original and thrilling project is related to The Thousand and One Nights, which he has been telling every Tuesday in Taberna Alabanda in Madrid for over 100 nights.  Héctor tells short, direct stories, with a lot of contact with the audience. Isabela Méndez has said of him: "He interweaves stories with affection and humour. He provides his warm voice and his closeness, creating an intimacy and an imaginary space where tenderness and laughter go hand in hand."

Héctor Urién lives in Madrid, but he has worked throughout Spain, in addition to Morocco, Colombia and Venezuela. He co-directs the annual "Avila de Cuento" festival





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