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When I was young I was often called a story enchantress, perhaps because a long time ago, before I was born, story seeds were planted in my heart. My native Scotland, with its rich tradition in storytelling provided fertile soil for these seeds. They were lovingly nurtured by the many books that accompanied me in my childhood and grew into beautiful stories that cried out to be told, so much so, that in 2004 I became a professional storyteller.

Since then I have performed more than 2,000 storytelling sessions in libraries, schools and in national and international festivals and I have trained hundreds of teachers and other people in the Art of Storytelling. Because of my love for stories I created my own centre, Story Arte in the sierra de Madrid, and more recently I launched an online school.

My stories are inspired in the dawn of civilization, when we gathered around the fire to listen to myths of creation to connect us with our inner selves, our clan and the universe. They speak of the importance of looking after our home, Mother Earth.

My stories will take you to many countries around the world, and especially to my beloved Celtic culture. I also offer to dive into the depths of the world of stories through experiential workshops combining stories with my training in Art therapy, Psychodrama and Dance and Movement.



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