Erica Liquete "Sorgina Txirulina"


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Bilbao (Bizkaia)

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Once upon a time there was a girl who grew up surrounded by words and staves.

At first I only read the stories, but with the passage of time I began to create my own. The flute has always been a faithful companion, and together they breathe life into the character of "Sorgina Txirulina" ("the witch with the flute"), also known as "The Do Re Mi Witch", who provides musical storytelling sessions.

Erica Liquete, that girl who now lives from storytelling, trained in creative writing, musical studies, and dramatic performance and creation.  

Through the "Un relato para cada rato" ("A story for every moment") project, I offer customised stories for one-off events which are accompanied by live art. I also do storytelling sessions for adults and "catacuentos".

I currently balance storytelling sessions with family workshops to promote Euskera (Basque), games and activities related to creativity.

The STORY has only just begun.






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