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Légolas narrate in Castilian Spanish


Here in the photo you can see Carmen and next to her is Manuel, friend and colleague. 

Manuel and Carmen met each other many years ago in Alcalá de Henares, where they both live. In 1991 they decided to form Légolas, a stage collective. Since they started they have maintained several lines of work in which they have looked into and tried out various stage language and communication techniques for themselves. Their philosophy is based on play as a creative tool and putting themselves at the service of the story they want to tell. 

We at Los Légolas are storytellers by nature, noble chatterboxes and liars.

We love to tell stories so much that we have made this art our job. We tell stories with images, with the spoken word, with our hands, with books, with gloves with picture books, with objects, simultaneously; in short, we tell stories with you.  We are always searching for the complicit listener, the attentive gaze and enthusiastic participation, For that reason we throw ourselves into each story as if it were the first time. Since 1998 we have been telling stories in libraries, hospitals, squares, beaches, festivals, storytelling marathons, cafés and weddings. As well as telling stories, we organize and programme storytelling and reading encouragement events.