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Jennifer narrates in English and Castilian Spanish


Jennifer Ramsay, The Story Girl, was born in Scotland, a Celtic land with a long tradition of storytelling. When she was young, books were her faithful companions and filled her infancy with adventures. Years later, when she was travelling around the world, she would paint the images of the stories she came across on canvas, and then one fateful day she decided to tell them as well. She hasn’t stopped sowing stories since then. 

She often works in educational centres and has developed a method to make the English language more memorable through using stories. She also offers teacher training courses to promote the art of storytelling in the classroom.

Jennifer combines storytelling with other arts: She paints stories and tells paintings in her art exhibitions. In this magical place the public are invited to look for clues in the artwork and the clues lead to the stories. Her creativity is inspired in the dawn of humanity, when stories were told around the fire to connect with one’s self, with the clan and with the universe.

She is also a qualified Art therapist and is studying Symbolic Psychodrama of Stories. She weaves her passion for stories into everything she does.