Address: Ontinyen (València–Spain)
Email: almufrances at hotmail dot com
Phone: (0034) 637976178

Almudena narrates in Castilian Spanish and Catalan.

I always had a lot of questions and I voiced them out loud; in the replies I got explanations and beautiful lies and these were the first stories I was told. I have always been interested in why things are the way they are; stories provide me with surprising answers and new questions which help me to grow.

One day I started to tell stories and I was hooked: to put words to deeds, tell the untellable, hear the silence and see how the story emerges, go over the looks, see the emotions flow, generate questions and find new answers.

During the last 10 years I have told stories above all in schools and libraries –a lot—and in squares, bars, hospitals, theatres and universities. I have organized campaigns to promote reading for town halls and libraries, I am one of the promoters of the “Paraula Festival” and I have also given courses on storytelling.

I spend my days thinking about how to transmit a passion for reading and add something to the stories and to life.