Title: Exaggeration Station

Recommended by: Karen Chace 

Origin: Original exercise created by Karen Chace

Recommended age: From 8 years to 108 years


  • To encourage students to play with the character voices and gestures in their story.
  • To help students make new connections with their story characters.


I prepared a worksheet for the students to complete before the game. The sheet mirrored the nine poster boards that were placed around the room. This gave them a chance to think through their choices, rather than being put on the spot.

Since I was in a school library I used the book stands to hold up the poster boards on the book shelves, which were no higher than eye level. They were organized in a pattern that wove them up and down the aisles so the children were able to easily move through the game.

The worksheet and Exaggeration Station posters are available at the link below.

Exaggeration Station:

You will find more original interactive and written exercises in Karen’s award winning book, Story by Story: Creating a Student Storytelling Troupe, available www.amazon.com  and http://www.parkhurstbrothers.com.